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Privacy Policy

Charoen Somprasong Co., Ltd. would like to thank for your kind visit to our website www.qline.co.th and to any transaction via our website In order to create confidence and better understandings on how to use our company service, we would like to inform you of our policy to protect private information of all users roughly below.

Privacy Notes
Please be noted that you accept and agree that all privacy notes that you have given or processed through the computers that are controlled operations by Website www.qline.co.th would be the grant and rights of our company. We would do our best efforts to protect your private information given. We would like to inform that we have used the security system for protection by international standards in order to protect the information. However, for the security purpose in your private information, you are urged to follow the procedures and conditions for the usage of our service in the website www.qline.org in strict conformity.

In case you received any harm from the possible occurrence in the loss or abuse of your private information or by any causes herein that include, but not limited to, any causes that arise from any Hacks or information theft via electronics by any others or by any reasons beyond control or in any case at all, our company reserves the right to reject from any consequences by abovementioned reasons aforementioned and our company would not be responsible for any damage, abuse, or loss at all to any extent.

For security of your personal information and other users and for the reason of the good order in your use of our website, you agree that you would not do anything that will violate any privacy or any other rights of other people and/or all intellectual property rights of our company or other people, as well as not do anything that will contradict with the abided law and/or good deeds of the people by any means, any content, including not using texts, images, or animations that are not appropriate, not polite, sarcastic that may induce conflicts or that are confidential or any misleading or wrong facts including text and images that are likely to contradict with the law and good deeds for the people or distribute any services and any other procedures that may cause damage or loss to the company and outsiders.

In case there are any distribution of such texts, photos that are likely to contract with the law as described in this section or in the case our company have any reasons to suspect that such information is not true or correct, we reserve the right to haul such texts, images or photos, without any prior notice and our company would not be responsible for such damage or loss at all to any extent.

Privacy Rights of Registered User Members
Our company has the policy in respect of personal rights of our members. Our company will not check, correct any information, unless our company has any better beliefs, we may choose to act upon any below procedures:-

·  To act according the requirement by any legal procedures;

·  To protect and defend for our company’s rights or assets;

·  To ensure our company’s terms of service policies are met;

·  To act to protect the benefits of other member users.

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