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How to care Rattan furniture

How and how often do we clean synthetic rattan furniture


These fibers are maintenance-free and easy washable. No need to clean it every day. Just brush away any dust and clean by using a wet cloth. For occasional cleaning, simply wash by mild soap and water, and let them naturally dry in open air.


Natural Rattan Furniture 


For natural rattan furniture, which is suitable mostly for indoor application, you do not need to clean it every day. Just brush away any dust by handheld broomstick, and wipe off by a damp cloth, not too wet to avoid any water absorbed into the rattan, after then carry it out to dry in open air, favorably on the sunny day for quicker dry. 


To remove any stains on the rattan furniture, you can use a damp cloth, not too wet and, thoroughly rub off the stain until it disappears, then follow by dry cloth, wipe until it dries, and take it out to dry in open air with a bit mild sunshade. 


To keep natural rattan furniture last longer is to avoid its surface exposed to too much moisture or too wet. 

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