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Rattan Chair & Rattan ArmChair

Wicker furniture under Q-Line trademark are delicately designed and manufactured by integrating both the elite contemporary style and high technological production process.  Frame and structure of the furniture are made of high quality material that can be used both indoor and outdoor.  The company takes into consideration the comfort of the user, strictly conform to international standard in every step of manufacturing process, and closely monitor the selection of high quality raw materials (high quality authentic natural rattan, synthetic rattan, and other special type of fibers).  


Synthetic Rattan Furniture

Q Line synthetic rattan furniture is artistically hand-wickered using high quality synthetic fibers of specific High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) materials that are applicable for all weather with color fastness proof, even under extreme climate and direct sun exposure.  These fibers are maintenance-free, as they are very easy washable by just simply clean and wash by mild soap, then followed with simple drying by open air.


Natural Rattan Furniture

Q Line natural rattan furniture is artistically hand-wickered by local artisans who inherit the heritage of wickerwork of art for centuries, under Q Line’s exclusive designs that adds tempo of modern and contemporary style to enhance the lasting prestige of natural rattan furniture. Our natural rattan fibers are selectively sourcing from the best origins within Asia countries, and tailoring according to different species’ typical characteristics to fit with each collection’s design and glamour in terms of durability, flexibility, aesthetics, seasonal, etc.


Cushion & Fabric

Q Line cushions are available for both indoor and outdoor application. 


For indoor collection

- We have launched hand-woven cotton fabrics for cushion genuinely hand-woven by skilled artisans, portraying hand-weaving technique locality in combination with Q Line’s exclusive contemporary designs. They are available in naturally organic dyed and chemically dyed fabrics. 


For outdoor collection

- Special synthetic fabric can withstand direct sun exposure, moisture, or outdoor applications are available in various designs and patterns.

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