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About Synthetic Rattan

What do you mean by synthetic rattan? 


What do you mean by synthetic rattan?

Synthetic rattan is made of specific type of plastic resins blended in different formulas to meet particular scientific properties and finally produced into fibers for further weaving, like synthetic rattan.


How does Q Line synthetic rattan outperform others? 

flexibility, and other multiple properties suitable for making rattan furniture looks real and natural, lightweight, flexible, hygiene, and environmental friendly, thanks to its 100% recyclable quality. 


Q line synthetic rattan offers superior multiple qualities of anti-color fading, UV resistant, and chemical resistant to temperate rain, sea water, and chlorine, thus making it suitable for various indoor and outdoor applications like outdoor garden, terrace, poolside, or seaside. 




To what extreme weather conditions Q Line synthetic wicker can withstand?

Q line synthetic rattan furniture are all weather, that can withstand extreme weather conditions, ranging from -70 to 80 degrees Celsius (- 95°F to 175°F) and even under direct sunlight exposure, by its UV resistance. This proved Q Line synthetic rattan furniture very versatile for various outdoor activities by poolside, or seaside.


What are total advantages of Q Line synthetic rattan furniture?

1. Applicable for All weather 

2. Applicable both indoor and outdoor 

3. Lightweight and durable, yet sturdy and flexible 

4. Natural look and feel, as if using real natural rattan 

5. Resistant to extreme heat, light, and moisture 

6. UV and chemical resistant 

7. Maintenance Free, easy wash and clean 

8. No splintering, chipping, cracking or fading 

9. Available in different colors, textures, and designs. 

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